We Pivot: My Canada Does NOT Include Kellie Leitch’s Racism

I am ashamed for Kellie Leitch. Partly because she knows/shows no shame for her racism and xenophobia. Partly because also as a professor at a university I throw up a little bit in my throat imagining how Leitch may have … [Read more]

Cowichan Conversations: Harper’s ‘Dog Whistle’ Messaging to ‘Old Stock Canadians’ — Was Heard And Understood

Don Maroc’s post on Harper’s thinly veiled ‘Old Stock Canadians’ was welcomed by many Cowichan Conversation Readers. He was certainly not the only one to hear the ‘Dog Whistle’ messaging from Steve Harper. Bill Tieleman’s Read more…

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s “old stock Canadians” line is downright racist and xenophobic

Did Lynton Crosby, the Australian “master of dog whistle politics”, have anything to do with Stephen Harper’s racist, divisive and xenophobic “old stock Canadians” line? It’s possible. The post Harper’s “old stock Canadians” line is downright racist and xenophobic appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Alberta Politics: Public health care: We have it, Americans still don’t, they wish they did – there’s a lesson in that

PHOTO: Sorry, no relevant photos tonight. Just this shot of a typical American public servant crossing the rotunda of the New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe, deep in thought. She is doubtless wishing the United States had Canada’s system of health care. SANTA FE, N.M. The economy, Harper Fatigue Syndrome or however one should ...